Bank Job Exclusive Math Suggestion-4 by Dibbendu Dwip

1. company makes a profit of 5% on its first Tk. 1,000 of sales each day, and 4% on all sales in excess of Tk. 1,000 for that day. What would be the profit of the company in a day when sales are Tk. 6,000?

a. 200                    b. 225                 c. 250                 d. 255

2. An employee pays 3 workers X, Y and Z a total of Tk. 600 a week. X is paid 125% of the amount Y is paid and 80% of the amount Z is paid. How much does X make in a week?

a. 200                    b. 210                 c. 230                 d. None of these

3. How much will it cost to fence in a field that is 360 cm long and 160 cm wide with fence that costs Tk. 100 a meter?

a. 1020                  b. 1040               c. 1060               d. None of these

4. How much fence (in meter) will be needed to enclose a rectangular field that is 3000 cm long and 600 cm wide?

a. 72                      b. 144                 c. 240                 d. None of these

5. What is 1 percent of 0.025?

a. 0.25                    b. 0.025              c. 0.0025            d. 0.00025

6. If it is 300 kilometers from Dhaka to Chittagong and 180 kilometers from Dhaka to Comilla, what percentage of the distance from Dhaka to Chittagong is the distance from Dhaka to Comilla?

a. 40                    b. 50                   c. 60                   d. 70

7. If in 1997, 1998 and 1999 a worker received 10% more in salary each year than he did the previous year, how much did he receive in 1999 than in 1997?

a. 10%                     b. 11%                c. 20%                d. None of these

8. What was the rate of profit margin (in%) if a motor bike which cost Tk. 50,000 was sold for Tk. 52,000?

a. 8%                b. 6%                  c. 4%                  d. 2%

9. What annual rate was paid if Tk. 50,000 earned Tk. 3,000 in interest in two years?

a. 3%                 b. 6%                  c. 9%                  d. 12%

10. How much interest will Tk. 10,000 earn in 9 months at an annual rate of 6%?

a. 900                b. 750                 c. 600                 d. 450

11. In a group of 60 probationary officers, 40% of them were promoted, 12 of them were terminated and rest to them were placed on probation for the second time. What percent of the probationary officers were placed on probation for the second time?

a. 60               b. 50                   c. 40                   d. 30

12. What is the rate of discount if a car which cost Tk. 300,000 is sold for Tk. 279,000?

a.10%             b. 9%                 c. 8%                  d. 7%

13. When an article is sold for Tk. 250, the seller makes 25% profit. What is the cost of the article?

a. 150              b. 180                 c. 200                 d. None of these

14. Four students aged 11, 9, 7 and 4 share a sum of money in the ratio of their ages. If the youngest student receives Tk. 1,200 what is the sum of money?

a. 9,600                  b. 9,300              c. 9,000              d. 8,600

15. A company employs 15 persons working 44 hours a week. If 4 persons are ill, how many hours a week would the rest have to work to make up the time lost?

a. 60                  b. 55                   c. 50                   d. None of these

16. Three workers can do a job in 12 days. Two of the workers work twice as fast as the third. How long would it take one of the faster workers to do the job himself?

a. 24                   b. 30                   c. 32                   d. None of these

17. The selling price of 8 shirts is equal to the purchase price of 10 shirts. What is the profit margin?

a.15%              b. 20%                c. 25%                d. Not possible to find out

18. What amount of money invested would earn interest of Tk. 200 over 4 years at 10% simple interest rates?

a. 400               b. 500                 c. 600                 d. None of these

19. If an organization increases its staff salary by 25%. By what percent must it now decrease the salary to return to the original amount?

a.15                b. 18                   c. 20                   d. None of these

20. A person buys some pen and pencil. The pen costs Tk. 7 each and pencils cost Tk. 3 each. If he spends exactly Tk. 81 and buys the maximum number of pen possible under these conditions, what is the ratio of pen to pencil?

a. 4 : 3                   b. 5 : 2                c. 3 : 2                d. None of these

21. A student scored 80 marks in his first test. After taking the third test, his average dropped from 82 to 78. What is the average of his 2nd and 3rd tests?

a. 57                     b. 76                   c. 77                   d. 78

22. The price of rice in the year 1995 has increased by 10% from that of the previous year. In 1996 the price has decreased by 5%. In 1996, what was the increase in price with respect to that of 1994?

a. 4.5%              b. 5%                  c. 5.5%               d. None of these

23. The area of a rectangle is 200 sq. meter. If the length is twice the breadth, what is the perimeter of the rectangle?

a. 40                     b. 50                   c. 60                   d. None of these

24. In an office, the ratio of female to male employees is 1 : 4. What percentage of the employees are male?

a. 80                     b. 75                   c. 70                   d. 65

25. If 4 workers can do a job in 48 days, how long will it take 3 workers to finish the same job?

a. 76                   b. 72                   c. 70                   d. None of these

26. 10% of 3000 is how much more than 5% of 3000?

a. 100                 b. 150                 c. 175                 d. None of these

27. The ratio of to is:

a. 1 to 3                b. 5 to 12            c. 12 to 20          d None of these

 28. If an article is sold for Tk. 250, the sellers makes 25% loss on cost. What is cost?

a. 200       b. 180               c. 150                d. None of these

29. In a city, 40% of the people are illiterate and 60% are poor. Among the rich, 10% are illiterate. What percentage of the poor population is illiterate?

a. 36%                b. 40%                         c. 60%                         d. None of these

30. A number is decreased by 10% and then increased by 10%. The number so obtained is 10 less than the original number. What was the original number?

a. 1000                  b. 1050                        c. 1500                        d. 2000

31. In a fraction, if numerator is increased by 40% and denominator is increased by 80%, then what fraction of the original is the new fraction?

  1. b.                              c.                            d. Data inadequate

32. In an examination, 34% of the students failed in Mathematics and 42% failed in English. If 20% of the students failed in both the subjects, then the percentage of students who passed in both the subjects was:

a. 44                           b. 50                            c. 54                            c. 56

33. A sum invested at 5% simple interest per annum grows to Tk. 504 in 4 years. The same amount at 10% simple interest per annum in 2 years will grow to:

a. Tk. 420                    b. Tk. 450                    c. Tk. 525                    d. Tk. 550

34. A person borrows Tk. 5000 for 2 years at 4% p.a. simple interest. He immediately lends it to another person at 6% p. a. for 2 years. Find his gain in the transaction per year.

a. Tk. 112.50                    b. Tk. 125                    c. Tk. 150                    d. Tk. 167.50

35. A garrison of 500 men had provisions for 27 days. After 3 days a reinforcement of 300 men arrived. For how many more days will the remaining food last now?

a. 15                     b. 16                            c. 15.5                         d. 18

36. If 8 men can reap 80 hectares in 24 days, then how many hectares can 36 men reap in 30 days?

a. 350                          b. 400                          c. 425                          d. 450

37. A man completes  of a job in 10 days. At this rate, how many more days will it take him to finish the job?

a. 5                          b. 6                              c. 7                              d. 7.5

38. If the radius of a circle is increased by 6%, then the area is increased by:

a. 6%                   b. 12%                         c. 12.36%                    d. 16.64

39. If the height of a triangle is decreased by 40% and its base is increased by 40%, what will be the effect on its area?

a. No change        b. 8% decrease            c. 16% decrease          d. 16% increase

40. 10% loss on selling price is what percent loss on the cost price?

a. 9%                          b. 9%                      c. 10%                         11%

41. The cost price of 20 articles is the same as the selling price of x articles. If the profit is 25%, then the value of x is:

a.15             b. 16                            c. 18                            d. 25

42. At what profit percent must an article be sold so that by selling at half that price, there may be a loss of 30%?

a. 25%                    b. 36%                         c. 40%                         d. 42%

43. The sale price of an article including the sales tax is Tk. 616. The rate of sales tax is 10%. If the shopkeeper has made a profit of 12%, then the cost price of the article is:

a. Tk. 500             b. Tk. 515                    c. Tk. 550                    d. Tk. 600

44. An aeroplane covers a certain distance at a speed of 240 kmph in 5 hours. To cover the same distance in 1hours, it must travel at a speed of:

a. 300 kmph        b. 360 kmph                c. 600 kmph                d. 720 kmph

45. A clock is started at noon. By 10 minutes past 5, the hour hand has turned through:

a. 145°                       b. 150°                         c. 155°                         d. 160°

46. There are 900 students in a school. 4% of them left the school and 50% of the remaining are girls. How many girls remained?

a. 430                 b. 432                    c. 450                    d. 448                    e. None of Them

47. If the market price is Tk. 25, the revenue of selling five units in Taka is

a. 25                 b. 5                        c. -250                  d. 125                    e. None of Them

48. There are 12 more apples than oranges in a basket of 36 apples and oranges. How many apples are in the basket?

a. 12               b. 24                      c. 15                      d. 28                      e. None of Them

49. Bina is 10 years older than Mim. In 7 years time. Bina will be twice as old as Mim. What is Bina’s age now?

a. 25                    b. 5                        c. 250                    d. 125                    e. None of them

50. If 15 is the fifth number in a series of 5 consecutive odd numbers, what is the third number in the series?

a. 7                     b. 12                      c. 14                      d. 5                        e. None of Them

51. The difference of two numbers is 7 and their product is 60, then one of the two numbers must be

a. 4                      b. 5                        c. 6                        d. 8                        e. None of Them

52. Reza’s average in four tests is 80%. What marks does he need in his fifth test to raise his average to 84%?

a. 96%         b. 94%                   c. 84%                   d. 100%                 e. None of Them

53. Which fraction is the largest?

a.                     b.                      c.                        d.                        e. None of Them

54. A 5% monthly salary increase resulted in a salary increase of Tk. 6,000 per year for an employee. What was his monthly salary before the increase?

a. Tk. 10,000       b. Tk. 12,000         c. Tk. 1,200           d. Tk. 36,000         e. None of Them

55. If the sum of the 3 consecutive integers is 240, then the sum of the two larger integers is:

a. 79                   b. 159                    c. 169                    d. 161                    e. None of Them

56. Rice is now being sold at Taka 20 a kg. During last month its rate was Taka 16 per kg. By how much percent should a family reduce its consumption so as to keep the expenditure fixed?

a. 20%               b. 15%                   c. 40%                   d. 25%                   e. None of Them

57. A person walking 5/6 of his usual rate is 40 minutes late. What is his usual time?

a. 2 hours 20 minutes                      b. 3 hours 20 minutes

c. 2 hours                                      d. 4 hours 10 minutes                   e. None of them

58. What is the number of integers between 101 and 199 which exactly divisible by 5 or 7?

a. 31                    b. 30                      c. 32                      d. 35                      e. None of Them

59. There is 60% increase in an amount in 6 years at simple interest. What will be the compound interest of Tk. 12,000 after 3 years at the same rate?

a. Tk. 2160                 b. Tk. 3120            c. Tk. 3972            d. Tk. 6240            e. None of Them

60. If selling price is doubled, the profit triples. Find the profit percent.

a. 66.5                     b. 100                    c. 105                    d. 120                    e. None of Them

61. The average weight of 8 persons increases by 2.5 kg when a new person comes in place of one of them weighing 65 kg. What might be the weight of the new person?

a. 76 kg                            b. 76.5 kg              c. 85 kg                 d. 70 kg                 e. None of Them

62. 3 pumps, working 8 hours a day, can empty a tank in 2 days. How many hours a day must 4 pumps work to empty the tank in 1 day?

a. 9                    b. 10                      c. 11                      d. 12                      e. None of Them

63. Running at the same constant rate, 6 identical machines can produce a total of 270 bottles per minute. At this rate, how many bottles could 10 such machines produce in 4 minutes?

a. 1800                   b. 648                    c. 2700                  d. 10800                e. None of Them

64. What least number must be added to 1056, so that the sum is completely divisible by 23?

a. 2                          b. 3                        c. 18                      d. 21                      e. None of Them

65. Tickets numbered 1 to 20 are mixed up and then a ticket is drawn at random. What is the probability that the ticket drawn has a number which is a multiple of 3 or 5?

a. 1/2                    b. 2/5                     c. 8/15                   d. 9/12                   e. None of them

66. A watch was sold at 15% loss. If the selling price was Tk 8 more, then the seller could have made a profit of 10%. What was the purchase price of that watch?

a. 45                       b. 32                      c. 36                      d. 30                      e. None of these

67. If A is  of B and B is  of C, what is the ratio of C:A?

a. 1 : 1                 b. 4 : 3                   c. 2 : 1                   d. 1 : 2                   e. None of these

68. Out of total profit, A gets 40%, B 25%, C 20%, D 10% and E 5%. A’s profit is what percentage of that of B?

a. 150%                b. 160%                 c. 400%                 d. 200%                 e. None of these

69. Divide 60 by half and deduct twenty. What do you get?

a.120                 b. 100                    c. 60                      d. 30                      e. 10

70. Sum of the two numbers is 21 and their difference is 7. What is the half of the greater number?

a. 7               b. 6                        c. 9                        d. 12                      e. None of these

72. You can now buy 5 more Oranges with Tk. 75 due to reduction in price by 20 percent. Calculate the current price of one dozen of Oranges.

a. 24                     b. 30                      c. 36                      d. 32                      e. None of these

73. The average of 6 number is 9, when one number is discarded the average of the remaining numbers becomes 7.2. What is the discarded number?

a. 7.8        b. 18                      c. 15                      d. 12.4                   e. None of these

74. In a class composed of x girls and y boys what part of the class is composed of girls

a. y/(x + y)                b x/xy                    c. x/(x + y)             d. y/xy                   e. None of these

75. Karim can type 10 pages in 5 minutes. Rahim can type 5 pages in 10 minutes. Working together, how many pages can they type in 30 minutes?

a. 15             b. 20                            c. 25                d. 65                            e. 75

76. If the length and width of a rectangular garden plot were each increased by 20 percent, what would be the percent increase in the area of the plot?

a. 20%                  b. 24%                   c. 36%                   d. 40%                   e. 44%

77. If n and p are both odd numbers, which of the following must be an even number?

a. np + 2      b. n + p                  c. n + p + 1            d. np                      e. None of these

78. If k is an integer and .0010101 x 10K is greater than 1000, what is the least possible value of k?

a. 2        b. 3                        c. 6                        d. 5                        e. None of them

79. If n is an even positive integer and k + 2 = 3n, which of the following could be a value of k?

a. 1                      b. 4                        c. 7                        d. 25                      e. None of them

 80. What is the least integer that is a sum of three different primes each greater than 20?

a. 69               b. 73                      c. 83                      d. 79                      e. None of them

81. The organizers of a fair projected a 25 percent increase in attendance this year over that of last year, but attendance this year actually decreased by 20 percent. What percent of the projected attendance was the actual attendance?

a. 45%                 b. 56%                   c. 64%                   d. 75%                   e. None of them

82. A train travels from New York to Chicago, a distance of approximately 840 miles, at an average rate of 60 miles per hour and arrives in Chicago at 6:00 in the evening, Chicago time. At what hour in the morning, New York City time, did the train depart for Chicago? (Note: Chicago time is one hour earlier than New York City time.)

a. 4:00           b. 5:00                   c. 6:00                   d. 7:00                   e. None of them

83. Maria purchased brand X pens for Tk. 4.00 apiece and brand Y pens for Tk. 2.80 apiece. If Maria purchased a total of 12 of those pens for Tk. 42.00, how many brand X pens did she purchase?

a. 4                     b. 5                        c. 6                        d. 7                        e. None of them

84. If the population of a certain country increases at the rate of one person every 15 second, by how many persons does the population increase in 20 minutes?

a. 80            b. 100                    c. 150                    d. 240                    e. None of them

85. In a survey of the people in Dhaka, it was found that 65% of the people surveyed watched the news on television, 40% read a newspaper, and 25% read a newspaper and watched the news on television. What percent of the people surveyed neither watched the news on television nor read a newspaper?

a. 0%         b. 20%                   c. 10%                   d. 15%                   e. None of them

86. The value of 3 ( 10) is greater than the value of 10 ( 3) by

a. 0              b. 6                        c. 7                        d. 14                      e. None of them

87. An empty swimming pool with a capacity of 5,760 gallons is filled at a rate of 12 gallons per minute. How many hours does it take to fill the pool to capacity?

a. 8                      b. 20                      c. 96                      d. 480                    e. None of them

88. A rope of 40 feet long is cut into two pieces. If one piece is 18 feet longer than the other, what is the length, in feet, of the shorter piece?

a. 9             b. 11                      c. 18                      d. 22                      e. None of them

89. The cost of picture frame M is Tk. 10.00 less than 3 times the cost of picture frame N. If the cost of frame M is Tk. 50.00, what is the cost of frame N?

a. Tk. 13.33        b. Tk. 16.66           c. Tk. 20.00           d. Tk. 26.66           e. None of these

90. Which of the following fractions is less than and greater than?

B.                   C.                        D.  

91. In the examination, there are 1000 boys and 800 girls, 60% of boys 40% girls passed. The percentage of candidates that failed is

A. 48.88                   B. 45.88                            C. 50.00                      D. 49.88

92. If A’s income is 25% less than that of B, then how much percent is B’s income more than that of A?

A. 33%           B. 66%                    C. 11%               D. None of these

93. Salary of an officer increases every year by 20%. His salary in the year 2001 was Tk. 26,640. What was his salary in 1999.

A. Tk. 20,000                 B. Tk. 19,028                    C. 18,500                 D. Tk. 18,840

94. 10 men can cut 15 trees in 2 hours. If 2 men leave the job, how many trees will be cut in 3 hours?

A. 20 trees                  B. 18 trees                C. 24 trees                 D. None of these

95. A person has 14 red socks and 14 white socks in a drawer What is the minimum number of socks that he should take to get a correct pair?

a. 1                            b. 2                      c. 4                              d. 3

96. A student loses a mark for every wrong answer and scores 2 marks for every correct answer. If he answers all the 60 questions in an exam and scores 39 marks, how many of them were correct?

a. 31                              b. 37                     c. 33                       d. 27

97. A student was required to : multiply a number by 2 and add 3 to it. He instead added 3 to it first and then multiplied by 2. If the answer he got was, the correct answer would be

a. 19                        b. 23                    c. 17                          d. 20

98. Rahim will be x years old years from now. How old was he z years ago?

a. x + y + z                                           b. x + y – z

c. x – y – z                                            d. y – x – z

99. If Sakib drove at 60 miles per hour for 2 hours, how far did he go in the last 20 minutes? ‍

a.120 miles                   b. 40 miles                         c. 36 miles                    d. 20 miles

100. At Uttara High School each student studies exactly one foreign language. Three-fifth of the students take Spanish, and one-fourth of the remaining students take German. If all of the others take French, what percent of the students take French?

a.10                       b. 30                        c. 20                             d. 25

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