Job Idioms by JoVEN JoBS

Questions from Compititive Exam

Each of the following idioms is followed by some alternatives. Choose the one which best expresses its meaning:

1. To keep one’s head 

A. To save oneself            B. To be self

C. To keep calm               D. None of these

2. To put the cart before the horse–

A. To offer a person what he cannot eat.

B. To force a person to do something.

C. To raise obstacle.

D. l To reverse the natural order of things.

3. To read between the lines–

A. To concentrate              B. To suspect

C. To read carefully          D.To grasp the hidden meaning.

4. He had a headache.

A. strong                               B. acute

C. serious                              D. bad

5. The bad news struck him like a bolt from the–                                                                   

A. sky                                    B. heavens

C. firmament                          D. blue

7. The rich should not look down – the poor.

A. at         B. for           C. towards            D. upon

8. ‘Through thick and thin’ means –

A. under all conditions.

B. to make thick and thin.

C. not clear in understanding

D. of great density

9. Explain the meaning of – ‘Bring to Pass’

A. Cause to destroy                B. l Cause to happen

C. Cause to carry out             D. Cause to convince

10. What is the meaning of ‘White Elephant’?

A. An elephant of white colour.

B. A hoarder

C. A black marketer

D. A very costly or troublesome possession.

11. Maiden speech means –

A. Late speech              B. Early speech

C. Final speech             D. First speech

12. ‘Out and out’ means –

A. Not at all                          B. Brave

C. Thoroughly                      D. Whole heartedly

13. The expression ‘after one’s own heart’ means –                                                 

A. To be in low spirit

B. With complete devotion

C. To one’s own liking

D. To be in high spirit

14. He raised his eyebrow at my explanation.

A. He showed surprise or disapproval

B. He showed agreement

C. He showed happiness

D. He showed indifference

15. A person whose ‘head is in the clouds’ is –                                                                  

A. proud                     B. a day dreamer

C. an aviator               D. useless

16. The captain left the boat, because it –

A. turned down          B. turned up

C. turned bottom        D. turned over

17. In-spite of my requests, he did not –      

A. give in                              B. fall in

C. get off                               D. give forth

18. ‘To read between the lines’ means –

A. To read carefully

B. To read only some lines

C. To read quickly to save time

D. To read carefully to find out any hidden meaning

19. You should show good manners in the company of young ladies.

          Which is the appropriate phrase for the underline expression above?   

A. behave gently                         B. practise manners

C. behave yourself                     D. do not talk rudely

20. The invention of computer has turned over a new leaf in the history of modern technology. Which of the following is nearest in meaning to the italicized idiom above?

A. created a new history

B. began a new civilization

C. opened a new chapter

D. created a sensation

21. Trying unitedly we were able to have our project approved against strong oppositions.

          Which of the following says nearly the same as against above?  

A. in the wake of                    B. in the guise of

C. in the plea of                     D. in the teeth of

22.  Not many people can commit such a heinous crime in cold blood.

          What does the italicized idiom above means –         

A. in cool brain and calculated thought

B. so patiently and thoughtfully

C. so impatiently and thoughtlessly

D. stirred by sudden emotion

23. To meet trouble half-way means –         

A. To be puzzled                 B. To get nervous

C. To be disappointed          D. To bear up

  24. What is the meaning of the idiom “a round dozen”?

A. a little more than a dozen

B. a little less than a dozen

C. a full dozen

D. round about a dozen

25. It is too difficult to ‘tolerate’ bad temper for long. Which of the following phrases best replaces ‘tolerate’ in the above sentence?

A. Cope up with                B. Put up with

C. Stand up for                 D. Pull on with


1. C 2. D 3. D 4. D 5. D 6.  7. D 8. A 9. B 10. D 11. D 12. C 13. C 14. A 15. B 16. D 17. A 18. D 19. A 20. C 21. D 22. A 23. A 24.C 25. B

“Hold water” means –

a. keep water            b. drink water       ♥ bear examination         d. store water

Choose the correct words: Mrs. Alam was – a great woman.

a. head and heart                         b. ins and outs

♥ through and through                  d. far out wide

‘Cut and dry’ means –

a. secret                ♥ already decided                 c. brief                   d. humorous

They left ‘in a body’ means –

a. unitedly             ♥ together              c. union                  d. at large

‘A stone’s throw’ means –

a. to strike            ♥ at a short distance    c. a game      d. unit of weight

‘An early bird’ means –

a. A little bird                     b. a short lived bird

♥ an early riser                 d. a bird that one often sees

‘Go to the dogs’ means –

a. be estimated              b. be agreed             c. be blamed         ♥ be ruined

Give the meaning of ‘Soft soap’?

a. To speak ill of others               ♥ Flattery for self-motives

c. To speak high of others              d. To recognize others’ good deeds

What is the meaning of the expression ‘bottom line’?

a. the final step                        b. the end of a road

c. the last line of a book           ♥ the essential point

‘On behalf of’ means –

♥ Act for          b. Act upon           c. Act to                 d. Act on

Raihan stood in front of me.

a. Adverbial phrase                        b. Noun phrase

♥ Prepositional phrase                   d. Adjective phrase

I have no kith and kin in this town.

♥ Noun phrase                                b. Prepositional phrase

c. Adjective phrase                          d. Conjunctional phrase

Hard labour – health.

a. breaks upon   ♥ tells upon        c. turns upon     d. puts upon

He invited me on the – his son’s marriage.

a. eve of        ♥ occasion of        c. verge of             d. last of

‘Blue blood’ means –

♥ aristocratic birth     b. scoundrel   c. sound health     d. blood of king

‘To carry coals to New Castle’ means –

a. to carry coal to New Zealand

b. to carry coal to New England

♥ to take things where they are already plentiful

d. to take things where they are most needed

‘To play on a fiddle’ means –

a. To waste time

b. To be busy over important matter

c. To play upon a musical instrument

♥ To play an important role

‘In vogue’ means –

a. in practice            b. in agreement         c. in search of       ♥ in preference

Complete the sentence. ‘If a man is ‘worth his salt’ he is –

♥ highly paid worker                       b.  a soldier

c. valuable employee                      d. a thirsty man

‘To read between lines’ means –

a. to read only some lines           b. to read quickly

c. to read hurriedly                     ♥ to read carefully to find out any hidden meaning

What is the meaning of ‘To make oneself at home’?

a. to be upset                                 ♥ to be comfortable

c. to be miserable                           d. to be happy

Choose the appropriate meaning of the idiom ‘Swan song’?

♥ last work       b. early work         c. good work         d. bad work

What is the meaning of ‘run riot’?         

♥ Behave in a lawless way               b. Behave in a good way

c. Behave in a lawful way                d. Behave in a legal way

Fill in the blank with the right option: He tried – to win a prize.

heart and soul                             b. with heart and soul

c. on heart and soul                       d. about heart and soul

What is the meaning ‘out of the wood’?

a. out of the jungle                       b. out of the bush

♥ free from difficulties                  d. out of the way

‘Harp on’ means –

a. to play on the flute                b. to listen attentively

b. play music                           ♥ l talk about the same subjec

‘Beyond all questions’ means –

a. above all questions               b. Not to be questioned

c. without any answer               ♥ without doubt

‘With open arms’ means –

a. with long arm                        ♥ warmly

c. with strong arm                     d. with beautiful arm

‘End in smoke’ means –

a. to be burnt                                 b. to be reduced to ashes

b. to lead to the fire                        ♥ end in nothing

‘Cut to the quick’ means –

a. to cut into two pieces                     b. to cut quickly

c. to cut at a reasonable speed          ♥ to hurt intensely

Complete the sentence with the appropriate idiom.                

I want to settle this issue –

a. Once again                                   ♥ Once for all

c. Once or twice                               d. just now

‘To come out’ means –    

♥ to become visible                          b. to walk into the stage

c. to move towards the land              d. to return to one’s normal state

The expression ‘a slow coach’ means –

a. an untrained coach                     ♥ a dull fellow

c. a bad companion                        d. a lost guy

‘Gift of the gab’ means –

a. to speak fast                               b. speaking not clearly

c. speaking much                           ♥ None of them

— your shoes before entering a shrine.  

a. Put out              ♥ Put off                c. Put away           d. Put on

‘A foregone conclusion’ means –

a. an uneasy situation                           b. false hope

♥ an anticipated result                             d. quite familiar

‘Carried the day’ means –         

♥ won               b. defeat                c. loose the day    d. None

‘Pros and Cons’ means –

a. Advantages and disadvantages    b. Merits and demerits

c. Good and bad                            ♥ All

What is the meaning of the phrase “come into force”?

♥ Make effective                           b. Perplexity

c. Rebuke                                    d. Utter an obscene word

‘Burning question’ means–

a. An outdated topic                     b. A hard question

c. An easy question                     ♥ A hotly discussed topic/issue

‘At the eleventh hour’ means –

a. At a time                                ♥ At the last moment

c. At the first moment                  d. At no moment

The correct meaning ‘a man of letters’ is –

a. a postman ♥ a scholar            c. a bad man        d. a good man

The phrase ‘An apple of discord’ means –

a. A sweet apple                              b. An unexpected gift

c. An important subject                     ♥ An object of quarrel

What do you mean by the phrase ‘sit on the fence’?

a. watch over the fence                        b. sit idly

♥ remain neutral in a dispute                d. sit on a height

Find out the correct meaning of the idiom ‘In black and white’?

a. Temporary b. Black people    c. A type of paper            ♥ In writing

Find out the meaning of the phrase – ‘over head and ears’

a. Emotionally b. Doubtfully        ♥ Deeply            d. Mostly

The thief was caught red-handed. Here ‘red-handed’ means –

a. later                b. trap                   ♥ with proof          d. None of them

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

          What is the correct meaning of the phrase ‘At daggers drawn’?

♥ In a state of violent enmity      b. without any delay

c. crack brain                                 d. Very poor

‘Let us call it a day’ means –

a. let us stop                                 b. let us call during the day

c. it is daytime                                 d. the day is yet to end

‘Cock and bull story’ means –

a. a fable               b. a tragedy          ♥ a false story       d. a wonderful story

♣ ‘Bag and baggage’ means –     

Property b. Costly things    l Leaving nothing behind d. Heavy things

♣ Instead of ‘continue’, we can say –

          l Carry on       b. Carry out          c. Carry off           d. Carry away

♣ Nazma was in ‘seventh heaven’ when she heard about her son’s result. Here seventh heaven refers to—

a state of shock b. a state of exasperation

in a state of disenchantment l in a state of supreme happiness

♣ Which word below can replace the phrase ‘went down’?

Broke l Collapsed           c. Shattered           d. Splintered

♣ ‘All at once’ means—

Quickly b. Slowly                l Suddenly            d. Gradually

♣ Choose the appropriate meaning of the underlined idiom:

          It was his constant prayer that he might die in harness.

          l die in business                             b. die in peace

die in bed                                 d. die in honour

♣ The price of daily necessaries increased by—hook or by crook b. fits and starts

  1. the by                                 l leaps and bounds

♣ Choose the appropriate meaning of the underlined idiom:

          That piece of land was a bone of contention between the two countries.

          l a matter of dispute                     b. something to negotiate

  1. a source of food d. battlefield

♣ A man in great difficulties came to me for help.

  1. Prepositional phrase b. Adverb phrase
  2. Noun phrase l Adjective phrase

♣ Point out the correct meaning of the phrase ‘by fits and starts’?

          l at irregular intervals                   d. at regular intervals

  1. suddenly                                 d. at high speed

♣ Fill up the blank in the sentence. ‘Sinners will suffer—’

  1. in a hurry b. in fine                c. in no time          l in the long run

♣ What does ‘three score’ mean—

  1. Thirty times                                 b. Three hundred times

l Three times twenty                     d. Three times ten

♣ In a nutshell means—

  1. In details b. Elaborately       c. Large description         l Briefly

♣ ‘To be one’s wit’s end’ means—

  1. To become mad b. To come to the end of a journey

l Not to know what to do            d. To finish a job

♣ The father told his son to stay put in the room.   

          The meaning of the underlined is—

  1. To sit down b. To go out of the room
  2. To remain still l Not to go out of the room

♣ Dog days means—                      

A period of being carefree b. A period of having youthful feelings

A period of misfortune Hot weather          

♣ What is the meaning of the Idiom ‘A dark horse’.

a horse which has been kept in darkness

l an unkown person     c. a known person                d. a black horse

♣ None should ‘look down upon’ the poor. What is the meaning of ‘look down upon’ in the above sentence.

beat b. like                     l hate                     d. none of them

♣ The new office block has become an expensive white elephant.

          What is the meaning ‘white elephant’ in the sentence.

A smuggler                                 b. A fraudulent person

A white color elephant l A very costly or troublesome possession

♣ ‘At sixes and sevens’ means.

          l in disorder    b. discipline           c. every thing        d. All of them

♣ She takes after her mother. ‘Take after’ means-

          l resemble       b. disagree             c. agree                  d. differ

♣ What is the meaning of ‘The wee hours’?

Midnight b. Afternoon         l After midnight  d. Evening

♣ The bridal party arrived in the –

proper time l nick of time c. timely                 d. just time

♣ The company has gone –

          l to the wall    b. on the wane      c. in the wake of  d. below the belt

♣ ‘Beat about the bush’ – what is the bangla meaning of the idiom?

          l bv †R‡b wKQy ejv                           b. cÖv_wgK D‡`¨vMgy‡Li Dci we‡ivwaZv Kiv d. gZ cvëv‡bv

Don’t spend your salary

of advanced years b. in abeyance c. at length                            l in advance


এরকম তিনশো থেকে চারশো ইডিয়ম জানলে প্রতিযোগিতামূলক পরীক্ষার কাজ মোটামুটি চলে। এর চেয়ে কিছু বেশি জানলে যথেষ্ট। এখানে প্রথমে প্রতিযোগিতামূলক পরীক্ষায় এসেছে এরকম ইডিয়মগুলো ধারাবাহিকভাবে দেওয়া হচ্ছে, এরপর গুরুত্বপূর্ণ ইডিয়মের একটি লিস্ট দেওয়া হবে। চোখ রাখুন …

# এই লিংকে ধারাবাহিকভাবে কনটেন্ট যুক্ত হবে তাই এটি আপনার ফেসবুক ওয়ালে শেয়ার করে রাখতে পারেন।

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