GRE/IBA/BANK পরীক্ষার জন্য নিচের গুরুত্বপূর্ণ Vocabulary গুলো সম্ভবত আপনার জানা নেই

ঘুরেফিরে প্রতিযোগিতামূলক পরীক্ষাতে এই Vocabulary গুলো আসে

Extant (adj.) – in existence. Extant অর্থ হচ্ছে surviving, এখনও যা টিকে আছে।

♠ The original copy of my book is no longer extant.

Ephemeral (adj). – short-lived, ক্ষণস্থায়ী

♠ All fashions are ephemeral.

Capricious (adj.) – unpredictable, whimsical হঠকারী, চঞ্চল

♠ He is capricious, not dishonest.

Corroborate (v.) – to confirm, make stronger নিশ্চিত করা

♠ He corroborated me about the murder.

Loquacious (adj.) – talkative বাচাল, বাকপটু

♠ A loquacious person talks a lot, often in his own direction.

Esoteric (adj) – known to a select few, classified, অল্প লোকে বুঝতে সক্ষম

♠ Esoteric philosophical debates are always boring to the audience.

Erudite (adj.) – scholarly, পণ্ডিত

♠ Who has a great knowledge or learning called erudite.

Pragmatic (adj.) – practical, প্রায়োগিক, বাস্তবিক

♠ Pragmatic approach is an effective way of learning.

Ambivalent (adj.) – having contradictory feelings, মিশ্র অনুভূতি

♠ Some loved me, some hated, many are ambivalent about me.

Soporific (adj.) – inducing sleep, ঘুম উদ্রেককারী

♠ The motion of the car on the road had a somewhat soporific effect.

Prolific (adj.) – producing or creating abundantly, উৎপাদনশীল, বিস্তর

♠ The cat is a prolific animal.

Auspicious (adj.) – favorable, শুভঙ্কর, সুবিধাজনক

♠ It was not the most auspicious moment to hold your hand for formality.

Sanguine (adj.) – cheerful; optimistic, আশাবাদী, আত্মবিশ্বাসী

♠ He is sanguine about prospects for the national economy.

Enervate (v.) – to weaken; drain the energy from, দুর্বল করা, শক্তিহীন করা

♠ Be careful not to enervate yourself by luxury or weak indulgence.

Magnanimous (adj.) – big-hearted; generous, বড় মনের অধিকারী, ক্ষমাশীল

♠ A magnanimous person has ‍always a kind spirit.

Mercurial (adj.) – Changing one’s personality often and unpredictably, অস্থির চিত্তের অধিকারী

♠ He is such a mercurial person I can depend on.

Belligerent (adj.) – Inclined to fighting, ঝগড়াটে

♠ Old man sometimes gets belligerent.

Fastidious (adj.) – nitpicky, খুঁতখুঁতে স্বভাবের অধিকারী

♠ He chooses everything with fastidious care.

Reticent (adj.) – tightlipped, not prone to saying much, reluctant, গম্ভীর

♠ My elder sister was extremely reticent about her personal affairs.

Inculpate (v.) – to charge with wrong-doing; accuse, কাউকে অভিযুক্ত করা

♠ My boss placed the pistol in my room in order to inculpate me.

From the book- “An Essential List of Vocabulary” by Dibbendu Dwip

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