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Shrivel /ˈʃrɪvəl/ verb

উচ্চারণের সময় শেষ ‘e’ টা কম জোর পাবে। S এবং  I এর উপর জোর দিতে হবে।

shrivels US shriveled or British shrivelled US shriveling or British shrivelling

The plants shriveled in the heat.

The plants shriveled in the heat.










1 [no object] : to become dry and wrinkled from heat, cold, or old age

Plants shriveling in the heat

— often + up

The leaves shriveled up in the hot sun.

2 [+ object] : to cause (something) to become dry and wrinkled — often + up
The heat shriveled up the plant’s leaves.
shriveled adjective
She was small and shriveled with age.
A shriveled grape

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